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KET Travel Agency in Egypt

There are many tours can be done to Egypt, many sorts of tours and travel packages are affordable. travel to Egypt is a great idea during summer and winter, as weather is amazing compared to other countries. All travel packages are escorted by a pro. have free tours during your travel depending on your package. It is safe to travel to Egypt with us. let us do the work and you can have fun.

why buy packages from Kit Travel ?

we have the best package for your needs we have the Historical, Classiacl, relaxation, etc..

Ket Agency Hot Deals

seeking hot traveling deal that suits your budget ? we can help you customize your travel details. just let us know more ans then we can get the best of the best.

Cairo Travel

Enjoy with our Agency a better cairo visit.
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K.E.T.  Travel is with the distinguished  ' A ' category  designation was   founded in 1977 by  Eng.Rafik  Boutros.  
We are known as  the Pioneers of  Modern Pilgrim programs to Egypt,  the second Holy Land .
Our Programs are the only ones in Egypt specially designed  to  allow pilgrims to experience  Biblical/Christian heritage  within the context of a pleasurable vacation experience .

Additionally   , we  custom design all kinds of tours according to our clients  wishes  . Our  services offer  the maximum for minimum price  based on  the responses we regularly receive  from our different clients.
From the moment of arrival , our clients are looked after and well taken
care of .
Those traveling with us  are treated as guests who will return home  remembering us as friends .
If you are considering Egypt for your next holiday destination , please consider this An Open Invitation
We will leave you with a loving memory of Egypt .

We are active Members of the following ;

  • Egyptian  Travel Agents Association ( ETAA ).
  • American Society of Travel Agencies ( ASTA ).
  • Universal  Federation  of Travel Agents  Associations  ( UFTAA ).
  • Latin American Confederation of Tourist Organization ( COTAL ).
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