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KET Travel Agency in Egypt

There are many tours can be done to Egypt, many sorts of tours and travel packages are affordable. travel to Egypt is a great idea during summer and winter, as weather is amazing compared to other countries. All travel packages are escorted by a pro. have free tours during your travel depending on your package. It is safe to travel to Egypt with us. let us do the work and you can have fun.

why buy packages from Kit Travel ?

we have the best package for your needs we have the Historical, Classiacl, relaxation, etc..

Ket Agency Hot Deals

seeking hot traveling deal that suits your budget ? we can help you customize your travel details. just let us know more ans then we can get the best of the best.

Cairo Travel

Enjoy with our Agency a better cairo visit.
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These are some  of  the  different contact of those  who booked their trips with us, pls. feel free to contact any of  them for any information you need to know about our company & our  quality  offered services .
They are in  ; US , Canada  , Mexico ,  Europe ,  Latin America  , Israeli & Far East


US  & Canadian  Ref.

Ms. Migan Nichols & Jim Gazda
Mr. Theadore  Benson
Ms. Helen  Lentile
Ms. Eleanor Ostman
Ms. Connie
Mr. Dan Pedersen
Mr. Herman & Angela Bouma
Ms. Oyama Caviness
Ms. Karen Johnston
Ms. Denise Dobbeck
Mr. Eric Strong
Mr. Aligis  Kalvaitis
Ms. Toni Lynn
Ms. Cathy Walker
Ms. Keely Knoche
R. Colin Bagwell
Dr. Jaron Winston
Mr. Frank Lacava
Mr. Michael D'souza
Mr. Gary Lorenz
Ms. Susan Cory
Dr. Daniel Wilson Wilson@creighton
Ms. Brigitte H. Fessele
Ms. Marie Kinderman
Mr. Chris Pappas
Mr. Ralph  Merck
Mr.  Nicholas Martin
Dr. David Zersen
Mrs. Minnette Son

Mexican  Ref.

Mr.  Luis Fernando Salazar
Ms. Nora Aguirre

New Zealand Ref.

Mr. Mike Brooks

Italian  Ref.

Ms. jachia Lorenza

German  Ref.

Mr. Rainer Boehringer

Romanian  Ref.

Ms. Georgta Draft

Brazilian  Ref.

Mrs. Maisa Santanna & Mr. Louis
Mrs. karen caiceo
Ms. Elizabeth Zarif
Ms. Antonia Figueiredo

Colombian Ref.

Mr. Herrera, Orlando

Israeli  Ref.

Mrs. Arin Poller

Australian Ref.

Mr. Clive Lambroun
Mr. Mark Jager

French Ref.

Mr. Jean-Philippe CAPY
Ms. Lemay
Mr. Pierre Chabry
Mr. & Mrs. Bertrand Hure

Indian  Ref.

Mr. Kennedy Rayen   / Oman Airways Staff
Ms. Carolina Pereira Carolina.Pereira@omanair.aerO
Mr. Hamirwasia, Sourabh
Mr. Valerian Crasta
MR. Niranjan L. Cooray
Mrs. Rama
M. Sidd Partha

Pakastani  Ref.

Mr. Azmairnin Jadavji
Mrs. Sadiya Khan

UK  Ref.

Ms.Mwarandu, Lynne
Ms. Sharon Goodwin & Lesley Moffat
Mr. Bethan Gibson
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